Transforming Your Digital Advertising With Hookson’s Experts

Digital Advertising: the Targeted, Cost-Effective Route to More Customers

Digital advertising. It’s a brand builder. A demand creator. A sales magnet. An agile, strategy-led force for your business. Maybe that’s why here at Hookson we’re so keen on creating and managing so many awesome digital advertising campaigns.

Whatever your budget, we’ll focus on results and ROI. Then we’ll bring a new dimension to your digital advertising campaigns.

Enticing Your Customers to Click and Convert

We can reach your customers (new and old) across all digital channels. From search ads to social media, display to remarketing and shopping ads. We’re digital and creative experts. As such, we’ll develop text-based, graphic, animated or video campaigns that will entice your customers to click and convert.


Converting to clicks

We create compelling content designed to increase click-throughs

Linking up

Targeted campaigns link customers with their interests

Forget flabby, one-size-fits-all, spray-and-pray advertising. Digital marketing is data-driven and sharply pinpoints customers.  

Why We’re So Sold on Digital Advertising

When stacked up against traditional advertising, the digital version – across all of its existing and emerging guises – delivers a truckload of business benefits.

Here’s just a few:

Cost-Effective Firstly, digital advertising won’t blow your marketing budget. But it will blow traditional spends out of the water.

Scaleable. If you just want to dip a toe in the water of digital advertising – to assess whether there is demand for your product. We can help.

Highly Targeted Forget flabby, one-size-fits-all, spray-and-pray advertising. Digital marketing is data-driven and sharply pinpoints customers.

Measurable Real-time, useful, actionable data is only a click away. That means ads, campaigns – and spend – work hard and deliver results.

There at the Start Digital advertising allows your brand to be in the mix when customers are beginning the buying cycle. In other words, when they’re looking to learn and are busy researching options. As a result, your product or service becomes a player at decision time.

Flexible. Digital advertising is a snap to tweak, edit and strengthen. So a flash sale or reductions can be announced at the drop of a hat. You can alter a headline. Or add new product images. Or change… well, pretty much anything. Imagine applying that agility to a billboard campaign? We don’t know of any ink marker big enough for that job.

Strategic and Multi-Channel Let’s say you have an ad for a terrific new coffeemaker. This can also lead and link to a film or animation on your YouTube channel. Or an infographic on your website. Or a contact-capturing white paper. Even a blog like the one you’re reading right now. Suddenly you’ve created an authoritative, engaging – and shareable – campaign.

A Perfect Fit for Mobiles Responsive digital advertising ensures ads are both looking and functioning beautifully on phones and tablets. Responsive ads are specifically the kind we create here at Hookson. These ads go where your customers go. So they’re working hard for you on the train, in the gym, at the gig, on the couch…

Keeps Sales Opportunities Alive Lastly, remarketing technology gives a second chance to sales that never quite made it over the line. That new phone left ringing in the shopping cart? That drone your target was hovering over? These will present themselves in social channels and on Google search results.

That’s the business benefits of digital advertising taken care of. So, without delay. let’s look at the different guises digital advertising takes – and how Hookson can harness them for you.

Search Advertising

Take your business to the next level with a paid search campaign. We’ll develop and implement a winning strategy that reaches the people you want to reach at the best time to reach them – when they are actively searching for your, or a related, product or service.

Digital marketing means the entire world is open to your business. To this end, Hookson’s regional translation partners ensure your digital advertising is speaking almost any language. As well as eliminating the risk of misunderstandings, customers will appreciate the respect shown.

Paid Search Ads

Above all, a paid search campaign will carefully match your digital ads with searchers’ browsing terms. At Hookson, our expertise takes care of the full paid search journey. We can advise on both keyword research and digital ad creation as well as network selection, and bidding approaches and strategies.

Display Ads

It’s a cinch for us to extend your search campaigns. Without doubt, we can make them work harder and more accurately. By using Display Select across the Google Display Network, we can help your ad reach more people your offering will click with.

App Campaigns

Have an app? Then let’s get it into the hands of more users than ever. We can promote your app through compelling campaigns across both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Don’t have an app? Why not speak with us about changing that?


Display Advertising

Let’s work together on building your brand. Let’s generate leads with display advertising campaigns. Unlike most search ads, display ads appear on websites rather than in search engine results. By including text, graphics, animation or video they quickly grab attention. Work with Hookson and we’ll place your ads on sites super-relevant to your business. As a result, you’ll be reaching exactly the targets you’re after.

Digital Advertising Networks

Platforms like the Google Display Network offer access to 2-million+ websites. They help you reach high numbers at low cost. We’ll work alongside your business to create targeted campaigns. Campaigns that deliver maximum bang for your buck.

Target by Interest

Hookson can plan a campaign reaching people who don’t yet know your business. But these people, based on their interests, will be warm to your offering. In the hotels sector? We could reach people interested in, for instance, travel, holidays and weekend breaks.

We can match pretty much any sector or business type in this way, and across a number of digital channels.

Contextual or Topic Targeting

This type of targeting places ads on websites, apps and videos featuring content that’s relevant to your business. By pushing go on this strategy, Hookson ensures your ads are seen by targeted audiences at times when they’re at their most receptive.

Video Ads

Compelling video content catches the eye, converts and is ideal for sharing. At Hookson, we can shout action on every stage of the process: from a doodled idea to a feature-rich wrap and beyond. We work across film, animation and motion-graphic advertising. And our services also include campaign implementation and monitoring.

Ads on social platforms catch eyes, connect, and convert

Paid Social

Want to join the conversation? Then speak with customers in places where they’re already talking. To this end, paid social campaigns are strong on connection. They’re strong on relationship-building too. Hookson plans these targeted campaigns based on demographics, interests and behaviour. We can also develop campaigns for both existing customers and lookalike audiences who share similar interests.

Digital Advertising Remarketing

Looking to reconnect with your past website visitors? Our Remarketing campaigns present targeted ads to users who didn’t quite convert first time round. By remarketing on Google’s Display Network, more than 2-million sites are in the game.

Remarketing on the Google Search Network, meanwhile, presents persuasive text ads. These ads generate next time your previous visitors punch-in your search-campaign keywords. Smart businesses will offer a sweetener at this point too: free shipping, maybe, or a discount.


Let’s get your product in front of as many potential customers as possible. Thanks to smart Shopping ad campaigns, Hookson can help maximise e-commerce opportunities. We could, for example, harness Google’s Comparison Shopping Services. That’s the tool used for ad bids on Google’s search results pages.

Also in the market for success on Amazon? Sponsored ads will promote your products to Amazon’s users. Importantly, these will all be accurately targeted via both targets’ keyword usage and product searches.

Compelling video content catches the eye, converts and is ideal for sharing. At Hookson, we can shout action on every stage of the process: from a doodled idea to a feature-rich wrap and beyond.

How Hookson Can Ignite Your Digital Advertising Campaigns

Summing up, highly effective digital advertising relies on several specialist disciplines. And at Hookson, we offer everything required for successful campaigns. From campaign planning and research to creative ideas and execution. From on-site optimisation to tracking and analysis.

Above all, at Hookson, we offer an end-to-end digital advertising service. Here’s a snapshot.

Research & Discovery

Hookson sets targets and segments your campaign audiences. That allows success to be accurately measured.

Campaign Planning

We develop campaigns to meet your objectives: selecting networks, developing keyword strategy and ad groups.

Campaign Set-Up

We also select and set up your campaign, including your bid strategy, ensuring campaigns are set for success.

Digital Advertising Copywriting, Design & Build

Hookson will develop engaging text, image and video adverts so that you can welcome relevant clicks to your Search and Display campaigns.

On-Site Optimisation

We make sure your website supports your campaign with optimised content and landing pages aligned to ad groups.

Analytics & Tracking Set-Up

We also set up dashboards that enable results to be tracked and broken down in a simple interface.

Landing Page Creation

Our action-orientated landing pages are designed to drive data capture and lead conversion.

Digital Advertising Campaign Management & Reporting

We monitor your campaign on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. That’s how we  ensure its performance is optimised.