Digital Marketing – Plug into the Perfect Plan

Here at Hookson two top-level considerations – Content and Contact Strategy – take the lead when it comes to planning airtight digital marketing.

Operating together, these strategies create robust digital marketing plans that clarify, communicate and convert.

But before we look more closely at these strategies, let’s first look at the ‘now’ by asking:

  • Are there better ways to connect with your audience?
  • Are there new audiences full-stop?
  • What are analytics telling you about the channels you’re using?
  • Is Brand X going great on a channel you’ve neglected?

This analysis (one to perform regularly) should reveal opportunities for new content and big gains. So now let’s look at a snapshot of proven Content Strategy activities:

Blog building

Blogs are a terrific medium for sharing your stories, tips, expertise and products/ services. So brainstorm ideas, then refine and flesh out your list. Just ensure regular posts; a blog page left unattended for months looks awful.

Social etiquette

Postings on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram require management. So commit to an achievable number of quality daily posts. Measure effectiveness too: analyse responses, likes, comments and the number of new followers, website hits and sign-ups.

Email curation

Events, offers, news: email is a trusted method of getting your message out there. Site-hits are also easily measured so you’ll know the content that’s clicking – as well as which to ditch or improve.

So far we’ve scratched the Content Strategy surface. Now it’s time to move from the ‘what’ to the ‘how’: it’s time for Contact Strategy.

Dynamic databases

With your Content Strategy efforts attracting new traffic, sign-ups, enquiries and responses you’ll quickly build a valuable database. From there, all that powerful segmented data – like age, gender and location – feeds into targeted campaigns and tailored content. This demonstrates the circular relationship between our content and contact strategies.

Your Content Strategy efforts will quickly build you a powerful database for use in future campaigns.

Small investment. Big payoff.

The paid options on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can boost your Contact Strategy.

Twitter Ads offers promoted Tweets with the power to attract new audiences. It’s easy also to set a budget for the feature’s bidding system.

On LinkedIn, Sponsored Content and ads zero-in on audiences to help generate leads. The regular, free-as-a-bird features of these platforms and others should, of course, be used also.

A further paid option is PPC – pay per click advertising. This strategy, which we covered here, can be a real winner for generating interest, leads, sales and responses.

Powerful pages

Sharpening-up on-site SEO makes it easier for users and browsers to discover your pages. This is a big topic, but fundamentally it’s about understanding who your users are. Some basic SEO considerations include:

  • Relevant, readable content – authorative, trustworthy, easy to navigate
  • Content aligned with search query – fulfils searcher expectations
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Mobile-friendliness

Pin-sharp SEO can be a challenge, but Hookson is experienced in this area and we’d be delighted to advise you.

Under the influence

Social media influencers – bloggers, reviewers, product testers (the list goes on) – speak to a core demographic. They imbue organisations, products, services (this list goes on too) with authenticity and trustworthiness. So they’re great for your overall digital marketing plan. Find influencers organically – across social media – or try special tools including BuzzSumo, EpicBeat and Sprout Social.

However, you locate them, snagging an influencer requires reaching out. Don’t be all British about it and wait to be introduced. Instead, try asking them to:

  • Join your social media groups
  • Write a guest blog
  • Review a product
  • Get involved in an event
  • Become an affiliate

This is a two-way relationship, and you can begin by commenting/liking the influencer’s own posts and reviews.

Influencers help build trust, and are a great addition to your digital marketing plan.

Can Hookson help me create the perfect digital marketing plan?

Yes, we can. When it comes to effective – and cost-effective – digital marketing planning, there’s a lot to know and keep on top of. We’ll work with you to achieve the best, most strategically-led activities for your needs. So give us a shout today.