Online film is a powerful, persuasive and cost-effective marketing channel. A well-thought-out, well-produced film will work hard for your organisation. Whether you have a new product to demonstrate, an event to promote or are looking to give your brand a boost, online film is the go-to to go to.

Once created, films are flexible too. Working way beyond your website, your film can star on social media channels, feature in presentations and be linked to in documents, leave-behinds and reports.

But what are the keys to a terrific feature? Here are five filmic tips for producing small-budget epics crammed with big box-office returns.


Remember when people were patient? That was a golden era. But today your film exists in a brave new world where it’s estimated that 300 hours of YouTube films are uploaded every minute.

There’s no disputing, therefore, the popularity and pulling power of online film. But in a landscape loaded with distraction, the first few seconds of your film are among the most important. So avoid turn-off by grabbing attention from your first frame onwards. Consider using an arresting visual, a challenging quote, or a caption that promises the earth (followed by content that delivers it).

Open your film with a caption that promises the earth – followed by content that delivers it.

Because they’re worth it

That last point brings us on to this one: always add value with your film.

Value is a subjective concept of course, but to give it some kind of context: your audience is giving you their time and expect something in return for it. That something will be dictated by your aims, but it could be useful information, a how-to, big news, a download link, even a smile. So long as it makes stopping by worthwhile, your film’s fostering interest, engagement and doing its job.

Stories surpass sales

Films are your opportunity to tell a story. So put as much of your organisation’s personality and character into your pieces. No need to skimp on music either. Great library music is inexpensive and easily found.

Featuring real people – staff and customers/service users – is something to consider. So is focusing on the end benefits of a product or service, rather than the product or service itself. Online films are also superb for bringing a trusted marketing method – the good old-fashioned testimonial – firmly into the present.

Is there opportunity for a series of stories? These can perform a terrific brand-building role and encourage sharing. Worried that your offering’s just too square to be sexy? The squares at Blendtec probably thought that once too.

On location

Film-sharing/hosting platforms abound online. So give your film as wide a release as possible.

You know your audience and the locations they love, but some spots to consider include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Snapchat

And for maximum exposure, ensure your film’s optimised for mobiles and tablets too.

Another great tip at this juncture is to give your film a hard-working title. Make sure it explains your film’s content. And if it can include a benefit, all the better. For example:

  • The University of Anytown: six quick reasons why our Law students love us
  • Anytown Grand Hotel: unveiling our new suites
  • Anytown Gifts and Cards: how to wrap a round tin like a pro

Strong titles – and description tags – help with keyword searches too, so they really are worth a good brainstorm.

And… (call to) …action

A real 101 tip – but advice that’s worth repeating – is to close your film with a strong on-screen call-to-action:

  • Find out more at…
  • Click here to download our white paper
  • Ready to save? Follow this link for an exclusive offer

Remember also that technology enables quick and inexpensive tweaks to films, so employing infographics throughout, or adding a refreshed closing title to a film (to promote an event, say, is a snap).

Can Hookson help me create powerful film marketing?

From it’s an idea to it’s a wrap we’ll ensure your web and online films look and sound amazing, tell your story and achieve results. To get things rolling just give us a shout – we’re ready for your close-up.