We all suffer from writers block at some time or another, but when writing a strapline you may find it hits you harder than ever before. There’s no simple answer to how to write killer straplines; it’s not a ‘just do it’ kind of task.

The trick is to think different, deliver more, and remember – every little helps.

Terrible sense of humour aside, coming up with a strapline is no easy feat. Sometimes it can seem more straightforward to write a 50 page report than a three-word strapline. The most basic reason we struggle is this: simplification is difficult.

To help you find clarity amongst the chaos, we’ve compiled a list of strapline tips:

  • Don’t overthink it – simples
  • Take time away from the task so you can come back to it with a clear head
  • Gather inspiration from your business, products/ services and really think about your brand story
  • Use simple terms – you want to be memorable, not challenging
  • Don’t try to make it do too much – a strapline doesn’t need to epitomise your entire business
  • Research existing straplines to see how businesses are using them in your sector and gather inspiration from the greats
  • Think like a poet – If it can be said in two powerful words, don’t use ten
  • Make it punchy – Just do it, I’m lovin’ it, Think different – aim for no more than four words
  • Brainstorm – don’t just jump straight into writing, make lists of individual words and brainstorm your ideas with colleagues
  • And relax – great ideas rarely strike panicked minds, so when it comes to writing your strapline go into it with a clear head

If you need a hand coming up with the perfect strapline for your brand, get in touch!

A bit of fun before you get to work? See how many brands you can identify by their straplines below!

  1. Eat fresh
  2. Think different
  3. Every little helps
  4. Don’t be evil
  5. Good things come to those who wait
  6. Does Exactly What it says on the tin
  7. Connecting people
  8. It’s a bit of an animal
  9. The world’s local bank
  10. Have a Break

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