How do you Promote an Innovation Hub in Paris?

Glory’s Briefing Centre

Glory’s customer Innovation Hub in Paris was being restructured to become less of a solutions centre and more of a hub for innovative thinking. They were looking for a film to promote this exciting new development to their customers.

Powerful Collaboration

The brief was to promote the new centre and its ability to deliver the benefits of a strategic partnership between Glory’s experts and its customers.

A Conceptual Approach

As the film was being made before the physical restructuring of the centre was complete, it was important that we didn’t focus on the physical location. Instead we needed to adopt a more illustrative or conceptual approach.

Demonstrate Glory’s Innovative Approach

Glory wanted to position the new Innovation Hub as a place where customers can access innovative thinking that will add value to their business. Their ambition was to be seen as strategic partners rather than simply selling solutions.

Focus on Strategic Challenges, not Physical Solutions

The aim was to shift the focus away from footage of physical technology solutions towards innovation and the strategic thinking offered in response to a customer’s business challenges.

Position Glory as a Global Business Partner

Although the Briefing Centre is physically located in Paris, it was important that the film present Glory as a global partner, and that it didn’t focus too heavily on the location.

Key Messages Focus on Business Benefits

The caption script was crucial to creating an exciting film that differentiated Glory’s offer from its competitors’. We build a script around a key message platform that would ensure Glory’s customers would understand the business growth potential arising from engagement with the Briefing Centre.

Combine High-tech Imagery with Dynamic Typography

To position Glory as an exciting and innovative partner, we created a look and feel that used slick, high-tech 3D imagery to tell the story combined with cool dynamic typography to bring the messaging to life and highlight the most compelling benefits.

Creating a Cinematic Feel

It was essential that the film made Glory look and feel like a global strategic partner. The use of a rousing soundtrack gave the film gravitas and helped to grip viewers. The assets and animation positioned Glory as a professional, exciting company with slick, fast-paced animation and sophisticated assets.