Making an Impact with Motion

Motion Graphics Film for NCR

NCR’s world-leading technology products change the way banks and financial institutions operate. Helping these businesses face down strict regulation and ageing infrastructure was NCR’s CxBanking portfolio: products, solutions and innovations that would streamline and refine working practices.

Cutting costs. Improving services.

The CxBanking portfolio would make attaining regulatory compliance easier and more cost-effective. From there, banks could concentrate instead on improving customer experience – specifically providing new, better services and products across branches and digital channels.

Making an impact

At first inspection, the CxBanking portfolio might appear complex to NCR’s customers. But essentially it took the form of a bundle of key elements including hardware, software and consultancy services.

Hookson was asked to promote the portfolio as a precursor to planned sales team activities. Our brief was to find a high-impact way to showcase the product.

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Combating complexity

As a potentially complex product itself, there existed a real danger of the CxBanking portfolio merely adding to banks’ anxieties. Simplicity would be key in engaging customers and in helping prepare NCR’s own salespeople for the push.

Drawing attention

Keeping the notion of simplicity in mind, we proposed the creation of a 90-second motion graphic animation. This motion graphics film would rely on analogy to explain the concept behind CxBanking as well as the product’s broad benefits.

Creating harmony

The banking system had led to confusion within the industry itself. Banks had struggled to cope with new channels, increasing customer expectation and a more stringent regulatory system. Our film would have to demonstrate that NCR’s product would actively address all of these issues.

Securing engagement

Those working in banking and financial institutions are party to avalanches of lengthy, dry communications – each one vying for attention. To combat disengagement, therefore, we relied on a fresh, bright approach – a creative solution that would stand out.

Suitable for all audiences

Understanding a diverse audience was crucial to success. Often, decision-makers only see communications like this after they are first considered by more junior colleagues. So as well as communicating and simplifying benefits, we ensured the piece was broad enough to speak across the hierarchy.

The perfect tone

It was important to marry our visuals with carefully selected words. Our script distilled the major benefits of the portfolio, and we recommended a friendly, informal voice. This reflected visuals that were based around a helping-hands motif. Both the animation style and the approachable voice combined to present the portfolio as a solution to be embraced.