Unbolted, the brand-new name in sleek P2P lending

Unbolted is an online peer-to-peer lending platform. The company’s model allows customers to borrow cash – quickly, safely and confidentially – against their personal assets.

A new way of lending

By harnessing technology, Unbolted was bringing something new to their sector. Out went time-consuming face-to-face transacting and in its place a sleek online process enabled loans offers to be made – and loans to be disbursed – efficiently and with minimum disruption to the customer.

Building a positive reputation

Prior to working alongside Hookson, Unbolted’s initial website design had intentionally mirrored the look and feel of the payday loans sector. Customer feedback, however, showed this to be off-putting and ultimately damaging to business. We were was commissioned to overhaul the firm’s online presence across the key areas of website design and user experience.

38% Conversion Rate, 62% Increase on Mobile and 110% Transaction Increase per Month.

Lending online expertise

Via Unbolted’s website we would have the opportunity to use image selection and testimonials to maximum effect. As well as helpful in normalising the company’s model, the website would do a great job in clarifying Unbolted’s offering.

Distinguishing Unbolted from the payday loans market

Due to negative press and a slew of unscrupulous operators, the market around payday lending had become toxic. Across the new website it would be crucial to move Unbolted from an arena it didn’t belong in.

Showing Unbolted as credible and trustworthy

In fostering visitor confidence and engagement, it would be critical to position Unbolted as responsible, regulated lenders.

Portray peer-to-peer lending as respectable, socially acceptable and a normal way to borrow

Whilst P2P was enjoying an increasingly higher profile, work still had to be done to fully explain how this method of borrowing operated.

Securing the way forward

Repositioning Unbolted’s offering required a mix of technical and aesthetic interventions. As well as site planning, template builds and the below-surface tools that make websites tick, we also worked on navigation, image selection and tone of voice.

Communicating trust

A lifestyle-led image strategy, untypical for this market, helped communicate a point-of-difference. Testimonials assisted in conveying trust and in normalising core proposition. Copyediting detailed Unbolted’s offering in short, readable sections, all presented using plain, friendly language and an approachable tone of voice.

Simplifying the journey

Working alongside the Unbolted team, we analysed typical user journeys. We were then able to design a new information architecture and greatly optimise user experience. Our research also allowed us to declutter existing navigation. This meant visitors experienced content in a natural and logical way, driven by strong calls-to-action. The result was a website evoking a professional yet relatable feel.

Visit the Unbolted website.