Website Films – It’s time to be an Action Hero

Set your Website in Motion

In 2016, online films accounted for almost three-quarters of consumer traffic. Cisco, the networking giants, estimates that figure will rise to 82 percent by 2021. With technology driving costs down and production values up, the moving picture is something no website should be without.

Remember the salad days of the internet? You’d visit a page and read it. Maybe you’d click a link and be whooshed to a different site – but a broadly similar experience. How things have changed. Online content and website function have evolved beyond recognition. And alongside these dramatic advances, visitor expectation has risen too.

Today, information, consumer and entertainment needs are increasingly being met by film content. From instructions for wiring a plug to browsing for the perfect holiday, website films are being shared. They’re attracting visitors. They’re ramping up conversions. That’s why no site can afford to stay static.

Beyond your budget? Not right for your business/product/sector? Technical nightmare? Think again. Here’s a rundown of what a website film could mean for your organisation.

It’s showtime

When it comes to engagement, showing beats telling every time. Choose film for a powerful way to demonstrate, sell and put your personality in the spotlight.

The battle for consumers’ attention is white-hot. So engaging your visitors has never been more crucial – or more challenging. That’s where creative website films can connect, inform and capture repeat visits.

From presenting product benefits first-hand to showcasing a university campus, from proving just how terrific your team is to launching a brand-new service, films keep things real. And reality is a compelling proposition and an effective persuader.

Engagement has never been more crucial – or more challenging. That’s where website films come in

Built for budgets

If you’re thinking only big bucks can bring big returns, have no fear. Or, if you must have fear, watch Paranormal Activity and marvel at its ROI of 434,000 percent from a $15,000 budget.

OK, nobody’s promising you that return, but whatever your spend, brilliant, professional online films are achievable.

At Hookson we’re well-versed in creating engaging, content-rich films that squeeze the last creative ounce from your budget. Our smart use of devices like graphics and titles, footage and animations deliver powerful little epics that make big impacts.

Made for sharing

Your online films will slot effortlessly into social media networks and channels.

Your film’s sitting pretty on your website. Job done? Not yet. Your film should be working hard across social media too. The more platforms, the more visits you can attract – particularly if your film’s armed with a strong call-to-action. By sharing your film we’ll help increase your reach – and your ROI.

Your film – now showing at…

  • Your Facebook page
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Your blog
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

…and being promoted via

  • Your Twitter feeds
  • Your e-newsletter
  • Your press releases
  • Partner blogs

Your film will work hard across social media – resulting in greater reach and ROI.

Your online film – the key plot points

It’s cost-effective – ready to star across social media channels

It’s shareable – so it works hard to build brand and drive traffic

It’s engaging – because it’s amusing, informative, educational – or whatever you need it to be

It’s expected – consumers are already attuned to online film content

It’s you – your organisation deserves the limelight and a film of its own

How can Hookson help?

We’ve made loads of online films for a diverse range of clients.

We’ll work with you on everything you need for the perfect film. Story, scripting, shooting, footage, graphics – the lot. It’s not a wrap without a campaign strategy, of course, and we can get that in the can for you too.

Ready for action? Let’s get rolling.