Winning Students – Ready, Study, GO!

Winning Students Film

We have just completed a live-action and motion graphics film for Winning Students, Scotland’s sports scholarship programme. Funded by the Scottish Funding Council, Winning Students supports students who compete in high-performance sport. Winning Students allows talented young athletes to combine their studies and their sport, across 38 Scottish member colleges and universities.

Our film highlights the success of the programme and features Amy Regan, 2013 Northern European Gymnastics Champion, and Ross Murdoch, 2014 Commonwealth Games Gold and Bronze Swimming medallist.

The ‘Day in the life’ film features the athletes in their training and classroom sessions. We adopted a documentary approach for filming that provides an inside look at everything that goes into the training of these top athletes. Not only do these students dedicate the hours to their tough regimes, but they also have plenty of work to do in the classroom as well.

The film feels empowering and uplifting and we reflected this in the tone of the imagery and music used. The Winning Student brand directly inspired the graphics and colours, with the rich golds delivering that winning feel. Alongside all filming, motion graphics and reveals featured, we also designed and animated the logo sting for the Winning Students brand.