Delivering Digitally for Glory

How We’re Keeping This Financial Services Innovator Moving and Shaking

Making the Digital Difference

Glory is a global provider of financial services solutions to banks, retail businesses and the leisure sector. The company harnesses smart tech and expertise to transform these industries across key areas. These include the movement of cash, point-of-sale technologies, cost reduction and, increasingly, customer service and user experience.

Hookson has worked alongside Glory for several years. Through film production, idea-generation, copywriting and Google Ads strategy, we’ve helped Glory launch and promote both hardware and software innovations.

Showing You the Money

Here, we’ve gathered a handful of the digital marketing projects that have enabled Glory to stand apart in the crowded financial services arena.

Our Glory Films: Putting Cash in Motion

Thanks to leaps in production techniques, Hookson is able to create online films that punch well above their budgets. To this end, when answering the brief, our films for Glory have relied on alluring motion graphics, bespoke animation and live-action.

Automating the Experience

When Glory approached us for a film on the hot topic of customer experience automation, we hit them back with a suite of tonally distinct creative approaches. On the table were ideas expressed via motion graphics and animation. Creative themes we developed included technology-led scenarios, ideas based around nature and another on the theme of evolution.

Winning out though was a solution led by carefully selected lifestyle footage. Backing these: robust messaging delivered via treated titles. In short, a film a million miles from a dry, sober financial services promo.

Pace and Panache

Targeted at decision-makers across Glory’s core customer base – banking services, retail and the quick-serve restaurant sector – our CXA film imbued real-life scenarios with pace and panache. With the theme of outstanding experiences leading the charge, careful editing, use of time-shifted footage and a specially commissioned music track further combined to terrific effect.


Believing in Banking

Trust may only contain five letters, but it’s a huge word for the banking and financial sectors. Glory required a film centred around the topic of trust between banks and their customers, and how the company’s offerings could secure that vital commodity. Our animated piece presented an engaging and abstracted scenario. Arresting animation brought digital assets to life, alongside compelling statistics and benefits, both styled and animated to great effect.


Presenting the Future

Glory strikes a balance between enabling both one-to-one customer service and the benefits of automation and AI. Our memorable Rise of the Robots film located the viewer in a dystopian future in which automation had crossed a dangerous line. At best: banking that was impersonal and inhuman. At worst: a banking landscape encroaching on liberties and privacy.

This provocative film blended filmed footage with eye-catching digital assets and effects. The result was a powerful piece – and one recognised by the prestigious Drum Awards for Digital Industries.

Animating Ideas

Putting out the call to Glory’s people, an internal ideas-sharing platform required a launch film.

Consequently, Hookson developed an animated piece around the theme of growth and development. The film explained the initiative’s process and broke down the numerous stages from submission to development.

Tonally playful, our animation delivered clarity and understanding, created a buzz and, above all, encouraged uptake by highlighting the benefits of engagement.

Placing Glory Customers at the Centre

Bringing clients to Glory’s Customer Briefing Centre in Paris, our motion graphics film positioned the centre as an exciting location of knowledge and discovery. A bold technical theme, a stirring soundtrack, and strong, persuasive messaging – focused on the collaboration at the heart of the centre – elevated what, in other hands, could have been a mundane explainer.

Additionally, Hookson has produced product films for Glory. The firm is on top of numerous highly technical hardware solutions. Their functions and benefits require demonstration, and our films have answered this call too.

Motion graphics and robust, thoughtfully presented messaging lit up our film for Glory’s Paris-based Customer Briefing Centre

Kick-Off Films: Shooting On Location

Lastly, we’ve made internal films promoting Glory’s annual team get-togethers. Designed to excite and encourage the hitting of sales targets, each year these highly creative pieces adopt a theme. Launched – and highly anticipated – organisation-wide in advance of every trip, they create a tremendous buzz by revealing for the first time each event’s glamorous location.

Developing Themes: Driving Ideas That Make Maximum Impact  

Strong creative themes lead our Glory films, and theme-generation is something we’ve applied across our digital campaigns for the company.

Glory’s products and services are both transformative and surprising: ideal fuel for the creative thinking that results in an awesome theme. So for Glory, Hookson has generated a diverse range of on-message themes. Technology and nature, for example. Harmony and disruption. Change and DNA. Alignment and movement.

Ensuring Digital Consistency

When we expand on a winning theme, it goes on to inspire striking visuals – and copy that zings off the screen. In other words, it drives the entire campaign, ensuring consistency runs through films, online ads, and every single digital component. And that places Glory in spaces light-years from typical financial communications.

Like many of our clients, Glory communicates with several audiences. We ensured that across films and Google Ads, messaging and copy, every piece of digital content spoke emphatically in Glory's voice.

A Terrific Name. We Know What’s In One

Product innovations and launches keep Glory ahead of the pack. But every innovation needs a name. Something memorable that defines the product and its benefits. And something that fits both its marketplace and its customers. Hookson has helped nutshell several Glory winners.

It Calls for Big Thinking

When creating product names we begin with a no-words-barred brainstorm. At this stage we often seek names that satisfy the three headings of Abstract (Starbucks, for example), Literal (Bank of America) and Collision – names that staple two words together (Pinterest).

From the inevitable long-lists, we refine, edit and, to experience names across real-life scenarios, place them in contexts like websites and social media platforms. We check for URL availability too, of course. Then we present a selection of our best.

It’s how we’ve recently named a revolutionary coins-for notes solution, a food-vending innovation and a data management, monitoring and analysis software suite. All for Glory.

You can discover more about how we get to the perfect name at our Business Naming blog post

Messaging: Finding the Right Words

Like many of our clients, Glory speaks with several audiences. Banks and FIs, for instance. Large and smaller retailers. And a host of leisure industry players. These audiences require distinct messaging, both in content and tone of voice. Yet every message has to be unmistakably Glory.

It’s a tricky balance to strike. So for Glory, we’ve written messaging platforms: documents that among other key areas define the organisation, its brand message and its Unique Selling Proposition. Often, a big part of our messaging platforms is the writing of an elevator pitch: a succinct, easy-to-understand explanation of a company, a product or a brand. This is something we’ve recently achieved for Glory too.

Our on-brand messaging ensures clarity and cut-through

Copy That Cuts Through

Related to messaging is copywriting. Informed by our messaging platform, we’ve crafted online, on-message copy for campaigns around branch transformation and customer service as well as highly targeted Google ads. And speaking of Google Ads…

Clicking With Google Ads

Hookson’s expertise in Pay Per Click (PPC) ad strategy has delivered formidable results for Glory. Our activities across one five-month campaign period saw us attracting new visitors, driving conversions and positioning Glory in top average ad position ahead of the company’s competitors.

Attracting New Visitors

Monitoring ad performance, Hookson swiftly reacted to opportunities by refreshing ad copy, keywords and ad groups, updating bid strategies and adjusting bid spend to defend top-of-page position.

These and other activities paid dividends: brand-new users comprised 76% of our PPC visitors. Added to this, impression share – how often Glory’s Google Ads were shown on screen – increased whilst a major competitor’s share slid. That told us our targeting, keywords and ad groupings were solid.

Hitting the Targets

Maintaining focus, we broke activity into logical strands, targeting key areas: retail, competitor and search remarketing. This allowed for super-targeted messaging and resulted in website visits from big players across both the retail and financial sectors. These were significant customers for Glory, but customers requiring tailor-made messaging, products and services.

Finally, using this new insight and data, Hookson made a case for subtle adjustments to Glory’s wider website. These included the creation of bespoke, trackable landing pages, each one offering messaging specifically reflecting users’ search terms.