Creating First-Rate UX Design for Edinburgh First

Ensuring a second-to-none booking site for Edinburgh’s venue experts

A One-Stop Website for Many Different Visitors

Edinburgh First is the University of Edinburgh’s accommodation, catering and events specialist. On offer are cross-campus venues, hotel rooms and hospitality services.

Our brief was to create a website that communicated each service offering. To begin with, we would review the current site. Then we would identify improvement opportunities. These would include a fresh new look and bold use of imagery. In addition, we would add an on-site enquiry and booking engine.

Design a Website That Meets Goals and Builds Brand

Reviewing a website is the first step to making it amazing. We would first concentrate on User Experience Design. Then we would look at issues including SEO and user experience.

The site would perform two key functions. Firstly, it would present a large number of venues and services. Secondly, it would allow visitors to make bookings and enquiries. We would make certain that these journeys were easy to navigate.

With UX analysed, we would ensure a site that looked as good as it functioned. Edinburgh First offered many stunning venues. We would build these locations into our design.

Communicate Clearly with an Eye-Catching Website Assets

As well as traditional images, our art direction would use infographics. These would add to a hardworking and useful visual language.

Developing a Site for Smooth User Journeys

To create the ideal website we looked carefully at user experience. We knew fast access to information was crucial. So too would be a clear presentation of details. We approached the site from the view of Edinburgh First’s clients. This helped identify issues with the current build. We also spoke extensively with our client. Armed with this insight, we began creating the new site.




Designing a Manageable Site for Multiple Services

Edinburgh First’s range of offerings demanded an easy-to-navigate site. Above all, our design ensured key offerings were easy to find and explore. This included venue hire, accommodation and catering. Next, we built filters into the site. These made it simple for visitors to find an ideal venue fit. Booking forms were also of great importance. Visitors could now book directly on-site. We also offered enquiry forms and a newsletter sign-up.

Creating a Clearly Beautiful Site

Edinburgh First enjoys exclusive access to stunning University venues. As part of our art direction, we made sure all locations – ancient and modern – were front and centre. In addition, carefully chosen infographics added personality. Beyond this, graphics also presented key facts and aided navigation. We gave each service-offering its own distinct colour. As a result, this aided both feel and functionality.

Writing Words that Work Wonders

Lastly, throughout the build, Hookson offered our professional website copywriting services. Well-researched content is a crucial part of any website. In addition to communicating and persuading, copy particularly helps search visibility. Edinburgh First had lots to say. We made sure of words that worked wonders.