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Motion Graphics

The addition of motion graphics to your digital marketing repertoire brings a whole new dimension to the way you engage with your audiences. We’re pleased to call ourselves experts when it comes to creating impactful motion graphics. We have extensive experience in a whole number of techniques including character animation, vector based graphics, high tech / futuristic images, digital illustration, abstract approaches (to name just a few!). We’ve also done work which includes combining motion graphics with stills photography and have created exiting pieces using Parallax animation.

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University

NCR Retail

NCR Cx Banking

NCR SelfServ


Edinburgh Zoo

Miller & Bryce


Glory Engage

University of Stirling | At A Glance

NCR Cash Management

NCR Kalpana

Insignia Group

Launch film for the Universe Card Digital Marketing Campaign.


Motion graphics film introducing the Customer Briefing Centre in Paris.


Brand launch film explaining the new technology platform.

University of Stirling

Here’s the ‘At A Glance’ video of a celebrated campus in Stirling.

University of Stirling

Video encouraging staff to get involved and ‘Have your Say’.

University of Stirling

Using film to highlight distinctive qualities with the aim of promotion on a global scale.

National Galleries of Scotland

Ident to promote 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland.

Edinburgh Napier University

Speeding through the services and benefits of the Transport Research Institute.

Edinburgh Napier University

Motion graphics animation for the Advanced Practice department to promote the variety of courses for postgraduate students.

Skills Development Scotland

Our animation brings My World of Work, an online platform that provides careers advice to young people.

Skills Development Scotland

This motion graphics film aims to engage business owners and managers with Our Skillsforce.


Introducing Mr Prediction.

The City of Edinburgh Council Budget Conversation

A film highlighting some surprising facts about how the City of Edinburgh Council spends its money.

The University of Edinburgh

‘On the same page as you’ video underlining the commitment to student satisfaction.

Introducing TVSquared

A film explaining the technology platform to measure TV Advertising insights.

Introducing Sumerian

A video communicating complex services whilst injecting a distinctive personality.

Sumerian IQ

Explainer film introducing the company to the investment-banking sector.


Video to promote Surveyor, a recently launched market manipulation detection engine.


Cyber security film showcasing the power of their platform and optimising the way businesses protect their IP and data.

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Bringing the University of Stirling’s Aquaculture Institute’s ground breaking work in preserving the health of Scotland’s salmon stocks to life.


Explainer film providing potential customers with an overview of how the technology platform works.

The City of Edinburgh Council Budget Challenge

Motion graphics film to publicise the budget challenge and encourage residents to take part.

NCR Interative Banker

Product launch film for the new bank branch network.