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Digital Marketing

App Development

More and more Hookson clients are turning to us to support them with App development and associated services. You too could unlock new opportunities.

Apps Fuel Brand Interaction

Smartphone and tablet growth has unprecedented appetite for new mobile apps across all platforms. What is most interesting about that though is the way it is changing how your users interact with your business.

As well as being a great opportunity for you to add value to your existing customers, Apps can be an opening for you to expand awareness of your brand.

Hello Functionality

Giving your customers extra means they’ll come back for more. Apps do just that – access to key information while on the go can be hugely useful and that functionality is nowadays regarded as an essential.

At Hookson, we’re skilled at app development and experts in thinking outside the box in terms of functionality. We develop for all platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Web apps.

Google Ads – Universal App Campaigns

At Hookson we also understand the power of digital advertising and regularly support clients in promoting their iOS and Android apps to literally millions of users across Google. We’re delighted to offer a Google Ads consultancy package tailored to your needs to really boost the success of your App.

Ask Us Anything

Looking at developing a mobile app? Let’s talk.

Ask Us Anything

Looking at developing a mobile app? Let’s talk.