Calling Action on Glory’s New Ubiqular Software Solution

With an Awesome Hookson Launch Film That Hit the Suite Spot

Bringing Thrilling Filmed Focus to Finance Innovation

Ubiqular is a new software suite from cash technology solutions leader Glory.

The company, which has been a valued Hookson client for a number of years, works globally in providing cash technology innovations to the retail and leisure sectors and, of course, to banks and financial institutions.

Hookson’s digital products for Glory have included a growing roll call of film productions that help launch and promote new hardware and software technologies.

From initial ideas and theme generation to delivery of a finished film, we’ve helped Glory as it streamlines for its clients the movement of cash, reduces costs and boosts ROI.

The result is competitive advantage, game-changing efficiencies and a greatly enhanced user experience.

Saying High to Ubiqular

When Glory approached Hookson with a brief for a brand-new film project we couldn’t wait to start.

Ubiqular combined four cutting-edge cash solutions across key areas. Focus for these connected innovations included bringing clarity to business intelligence, providing enhanced data reporting, and enabling the smarter, leaner movement of cash through clients’ businesses and organisations.

Defining and communicating these multiple benefits, the theme Cash. In high resolution would inform our film’s language – from footage selection to asset creation, title animation to original music commission.

An Inspired Name

The Ubiqular name – resonating with the suite’s always-on, ever-alert capacities – had been informed by previous work carried out by Hookson.

Prior to our Ubiqular project, Glory had tasked us with naming a related software solution. This product underwent further development by Glory and subsequently evolved into the Ubiqular suite.

Applying our experience in product naming, we had generated several options around on-brief values of technology, clarity and vision. One name particularly revered had been Ocular. Inspired by this name,  Glory settled on Ubiqular for its now-expanded suite of solutions.


A Bigger Vision

With the Ubiqular name and the Cash. In high resolution theme agreed upon, Hookson began exploring a creative vision for the film.

Its purpose was to launch – worldwide – Glory’s exciting new suite: one whose components would make a tangible difference to the company’s clients across retail, hospitality and banking.

Creating a stir via arresting visuals and assets was therefore a must. Ubiqular was a significant addition to Glory’s solutions and demanded a launch film worthy of the product.

During Hookson research, broadly comparable launch films from Glory’s industry competitors seemed jaded and literal. Yes, they did the job, but often lacked a creative spark or anything that might surprise.

An Engaging Treatment

For Ubiqular, our vision was bigger. Far removed from the explainer-type films so prevalent in Glory’s sector. Instead, the bulk of our film’s shots selection would connect with to our overarching high-resolution theme. And even across more literal footage – of retail and banking transactions – editing, grading and assets would ensure these shots would be no less engaging.

When selecting footage for Glory’s Ubiqular film – and across the entire creative process – we remained led by the theme of high-resolution. To this end, we assembled a long list of shots aligned to this notion.

Expressing high resolution, we contrasted blurred-effect visuals with sharp focus, then applied engaging animation to captions

Adding Value

From our initial and extensive footage trawl, we interrogated each potential clip. During this process we queried what value each proposed clip would bring to the film and how it expressed our theme and Glory’s solutions.

Finding a Balance

Each visual had to hit the sweet spot: a balance between looking terrific and adding real substance to the Ubiqular launch story.

This discipline culminated in a rich variety of visuals. Side by side we offered arresting images like the spectacular Northern Lights. Time-lapsed urban footage. Representations of DNA. And a mix of abstract technical backdrops. These punctuated footage and provided also a base for carefully animated title designs that further communicated Ubiqular’s unique benefits.

Accompanying our shots would be a voiceover script. We of course sifted visuals in connection to this too, regularly ensuring that footage complemented also our VO.

Expressing the Theme

After assembling a rough cut of shots, we began applying a specially created visual asset. A vital component of our film, this would unite our visuals and further communicate our high-resolution theme, tying it even more strongly to our footage.

Via brainstorming, our theme, coupled with Ubiqular’s benefits, had drawn our asset concepts towards light and speed, agility and movement. From this thinking, we created our recurring asset: slick, bright lines of light, reminiscent of fibre-optics, were carefully imposed on footage.

For Ubiqular, our vision was bigger. Far removed from explainer-type films, shots would connect to our overarching high-resolution theme.

Creating a Seamless Story

Here, the key was to ensure our asset seamlessly animated with, and reacted to, key moments in each individual section of footage.

Testing our concept on a number of sections delivered fantastic results. Equally pleased was Glory, and we continued applying this specially created animation across the entire film.

Our titles, bringing further prominence to key messaging, sat in harmony with their abstract backdrops. Next, we gave these titles a real lift by animating each word so it dynamically cycled through the alphabet prior to resting on screen.

Soundtracking the Solution

For this Glory film, Hookson commissioned an original music composition. Our brief sought a contemporary and piece – one filled with texture and containing within it a subtle technical feel.

Our musical piece complemented both our visuals and a voice that, although business-like, was also tonally warm.

As we neared the close of this project, film grading provided a uniform tone across our footage selection. Here, we were careful to apply subtle tones that reflected Glory’s deep blue branding.

It’s a Wrap

Finishing the film, Hookson created an animated end sting featuring the principal Ubiqular logo as well as icons representing the four distinct-but-united solutions.

For a launch, this use of branded elements, as well as our Cash. In high resolution campaign line, was critical: the ideal way to engage Glory’s clients in the company’s new suite.