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Global leaders in banking automation

The Who

GLORY works with customers across financial, retail, gaming and CIT industries to automate their cash processes in order to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on customer experience.

The rise in automation

As a global leader in banking automation, GLORY has closely witnessed the advance of technology in banking which could lead us towards a future where human interaction is replaced entirely by robots and digital solutions.

Is progress always a good thing?

This has led GLORY to question, through creation of an event film, whether the rise of automation and robots is unstoppable? Is this the future of banking that we want or is there a better way?

The What

As part of a keynote presentation to industry figures, GLORY wanted to explore the notion of advancement and automation in banking, considering whether we are headed towards a dystopian future with no human interaction in banking.

  • Raise awareness

    To introduce this topic to the audience, we wanted to develop a motion graphics event film which would grab the attention of viewers, shocking them by painting a picture of a dystopian world where the convenience of automated and digital banking may come at the expense of human interaction and a loss of privacy.

  • Disrupt the status quo

    To tell this story in a way that made people reconsider the outcomes of the advances in the banking industry, we wanted to tell the story from the point of view of a robot, by presenting the film as a TV commercial from Minerva – the entity that introduced robots into banking.

  • Be thought provoking

    GLORY wanted to use this opportunity to show that the move towards ever increasing automation is not a forgone conclusion and to open a debate about the future of banking.

The Rise of the Robots

The Why

A flagship commercial

We created an event film which is positioned as a flagship commercial celebrating the culmination of a decade of industry disruption. Viewers are taken on a journey by Minerva, which commences with the launch of the smartphone and culminates with a focus on some of the privacy and data issues which our society now faces.

Dystopian look and feel

We wanted this film to be dark, dystopian and loaded with arresting images – footage of ‘how we used to bank’ juxtaposed with hi-tech imagery.

Human-free banking

By using clinical, commercial, passive-aggressive language and phrasing, we describe the alarming, human-free nature of banking in the era of Minerva – and showcase a compelling picture of a dystopian banking future. This is essentially a horror movie for the audience – something to jar them.