Digital copywriting and content

Our digital copywriting and content services can help your business flourish online. Whether you want to start talking to new customers; or build a closer relationship to your existing ones. Talk to us and find out how we can help you generate leads, build loyalty and increase sales.

Website content planning

We realise that creating content for a website can seem a daunting task so we make life easier for our clients by planning the process; breaking it down into manageable chunks; and ensuring everyone involved in the process knows exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.

We plan the content of websites to ensure it meets the objectives of the site as well as the needs of the site’s visitors.

Website copywriting

We work with our clients in a range of ways to create engaging website copy. Some clients prefer to supply raw content which requires a re-style or copywriting edit. Others ask us to help them research and create copy from scratch.

Social media content

We have plenty to say for ourselves; and for our customers too. Whether your LinkedIn profile is out of date, you’re confused about your Facebook personality; or your blog is sadly lacking. We can help you through creation of content that’s targeted directly at your audiences and delivers your social media strategy through all your channels.

eBlasts and eNewsletters

Our eBlast and eNewsletter copywriting ensures your customers will take notice: with interesting subject headings, scannable content and bold calls to action. We make the best use of the channel.


Our writers ensure that making your digital copy and content search engine friendly needn’t be at the cost of well written copy that is a pleasure to read.

Usability and accessibility

We can user test your website whether you’re at wireframe or beta site stage. Our experts will test your site using typical users carrying out realistic tasks on your site. We then provide advice on changes that help your customers to achieve their goals, avoiding confusion or a failed mission.

To find out more about our digital copywriting and content services call Bryan on 0131 5247940 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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