Multi-channel digital campaign for the City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council, along with all other public bodies, faces increasing pressure to deliver services at the same time as its funding is being squeezed. This means that when it comes to setting budgets, there are lots of decisions to make about future spending, saving and investing.

The Council asked us to help them to start a conversation with the public about the budget using a digital campaign consisting of a motion graphics animation, a micro-site and an iPad App. The aim was to help the public to understand where the money goes, what the issues and pressures are and to invite feedback about the Council’s initial budget proposals.

Since many people are unaware of how council funding is spent, Hookson produced a two minute animated motion graphics film that would provide an overview of the Council’s services and how much it currently spends in delivering services, as well as introducing the idea of the budget conversation to invite people to get involved. To watch the film click here.

This is supported by a micro-site which provides greater detail of the Council’s proposed spending plans, enabling interested members of the public to gain an understanding of the competing pressures and associated budgetary challenges, broken down by spending area.

We have also produced an iPad App which will enable Councillors to take groups of residents and other community groups through the budget proposals. By creating a menu-driven iPad App it enables the Councillors to personalise the content to the individuals or group that they’re speaking to, allowing them to focus on particular areas of interest and navigate through the content in an intuitive and engaging way.

To join the City of Edinburgh Council’s budget conversation click here.

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