A logo to stand out from the crowd

Creating branding for Kawaii Animals

We’ve been working recently with Kawaii Animals, a new business start-up launching into the highly competitive children’s toy and gift market, creating branding including design of their new logo. Our work has included helping the team at Kawaii Animals by providing advice on setting up a new business, creating and launching their branding by achieving cut-through in a market where adopting the wrong tone of voice can have disastrous consequences. As well as providing advice on naming and URL, the Hookson team has created a new logo and multiple applications for Kawaii Animals.

Kawaii Animals is a range of quirky, cute collectable toys with an Asian, handcrafted feel. When creating the branding, our research led us to be influenced by Japanese emoticons (kaomoji) which are a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, enjoyed and used in blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and texts by kids globally from pre-teens to mid 20’s. The products aren’t mainstream soft toys and we were striving to design a logo that captured their slightly edgy nature.

One emoticon was used as the basis of all Kawaii Animals branding as it depicts happiness and joy; the feelings we want people to associate with the brand. Each animal in the range has its own logo based around the emoticon, which allows all products in the range to be featured individually, whilst maintaining a consistent sense of what it means to be a Kawaii Animal. The idea also has great scope for future development to include new products or even work as a game or mobile phone app.

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