Introducing Mr Prediction

Motion graphics film for Verdande Technology

Verdande Technology, established in Norway and with offices in Houston, Texas and Abu Dhabi meant working across timezones. Not that this has ever proved a problem at Hookson. We are used to helping clients with multiple global offices from our Edinburgh office.

Verdande was looking for a simple motion graphics film to bring their services alive and give the brand a fresher and more accessible tone of voice. As well as, of course, promoting the main benefit of its innovative EDGE analytical software. Which is the ability, thanks to its unique case-based reasoning approach, for companies to predict what lies ahead and therefore avoid past technical issues arising.

Following brainstorming and idea generation we created the star of the motion graphics film, Mr Prediction, who can look into the future, and is always prepared for what comes up. Scriptwriting then followed together with the design of the character and creation of the film. Our next step was to record the voiceover over for the motion graphics film. An American ‘tone’ was required, so we used a voiceover artist based in South Carolina.

  • Anders Sundstedt

    I like it!

  • Bryan Hook

    Thanks Anders, it was great fun creating Mr. Prediction!

  • hcpark

    Fab! Beats powerpoint slides any day!

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