Promoting scientific discovery through motion graphics film

At the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Our latest animated film uses motion graphics to promote an exciting initiative from the University of Stirling’s Aquaculture Institute. It’s going to be played at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, being held this year at the National Museum of Scotland.

The motion graphics film uses animation to tell the story of the Institute’s ground-breaking work in preserving the health of Scotland’s salmon stocks, which is so important to the Scottish fishing industry. The Institute has pioneered the use of Wrasse feeder fish in removing lice from Scottish farmed salmon. The Wrasse fish eat the lice, improving the health of the salmon in the process. This helps the salmon to grow bigger as well as avoiding other health issues.

The Institute was keen to find a simple and engaging way to bring the fascinating work of the project to life at the Science Festival. Creating the motion graphics film involved a detailed process which began with a creative concept, which was then developed into script and storyboard to tell the story of the initiative. We then designed all the assets, selected music and recorded voiceover, and finally built the three minute motion graphics film.

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