Cosmo's Pizzas - Branding created by Hookson
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Cosmo's Pizzas - Van Livery by Hookson
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It’s all in the sharing

Delivering a multi channel brand and digital strategy for Cosmo’s Pizzas

Cosmo’s Pizzas based in Edinburgh had one goal in mind: To get people talking about its pizzas. Best way to achieve that? Be social. Extensive research we carried out led us to reposition the brand, because one thing came out loud and clear. And that was people were totally unaware of Cosmo’s history and the family’s Italian roots. So bringing this home was one of our main priorities. From this, we established a new brand proposition, we developed new messaging, new logo, new packaging and a new website all extolling Cosmo’s rich heritage of classic Italian cooking. Last, but certainly not least, a full on social media campaign using Facebook and Twitter to share Cosmo’s story, news and passion as well as the company’s Pizza Taste Tour currently making its way around Scotland. Bellissimo!

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