ZoneFox is born

Branding project for new technology company

We have been hard at work recently in developing and launching branding for a new cyber-security technology product. The data protection software product enables companies to protect their intellectual property from internal or external security breaches.

Our starting point was to get to know the product really well so that we could develop branding that would appeal to the market, be differentiated and reflect the unique qualities of the software. Our answer was to develop ZoneFox – an inquisitive and resourceful software brand that would relentlessly track data, uncovering breaches and reporting them to the network administrator in real time. Having named the product and given it a brand personality, key messages and a series of short, sharp straplines, we began the task of developing the branding and bringing it to market.

We developed a cool logo and look and feel for ZoneFox that utilised the iconic image of the fox within the branding but gave it an edgy geometric style that placed it firmly in the technology landscape.

ZoneFox needed to appeal to a range of audiences within its potential customers’ organisations. As such its marketing needs needed to be carefully planned to ensure the right people were hit with the right messages and the appropriate level of detail.

We designed and developed a website that filtered content to allow users to quickly reach the content that would interest them – whether IT, audit or business messages. A motion graphics film, hosted on the website enabled C level executives to get a 90” overview of the business benefits. We provided copywriting services across the entire website including a number of high value resources including a case study, white paper and datasheet. Click here to see the website.

We also extended the branding across all the company’s stationery, exhibition materials and email templates; and provided support on social media strategy and set up.

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