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An E-commerce Website for Worldwide Browsers

The University of Edinburgh Store

The Who

The University of Edinburgh’s Visitor Centre is a friendly, central location. The Centre offers students and tourists useful advice and information.

The Centre is also home to a gift store. This is the place for high-quality University-branded items. These include clothing, homewares and jewellery.


An E-commerce Store with no Boundaries

But what about ex-students living elsewhere in the country? Or overseas? They and their families are also a huge customer base for the Centre.

To begin with, our brief was to create an E-commerce Website. The store would work alongside the Centre’s physical shop. It would extend both the Centre’s and the University brand’s reach.

The What

Design an Inviting User Experience

A smooth user journey was a top priority. Success would rely on information flow and easy access to a large range of items.


Ensure an Attractive and Engaging Visual Language

In addition to UX, thoughtful use of imagery would be crucial. It would showcase the range and quality of products on offer. Furthermore, locating items, particularly clothing, in real-life situations would be key.


Weave a Basket Across the Globe

Without trust, a beautiful e-commerce site soon turns ugly. As a result, we would ensure shopping was easy and secure.


Shout About the Shop with Powerful SEO

Next, we would employ a careful Search Engine Optimisation strategy to attract visitors.


Be at the E-commerce Store’s Service with Software and Maintenance Support

Finally, as new product ranges regularly emerge, the Centre needed an updateable solution. This was in addition to technical and maintenance support

The Why

Planning a Site Tailor-Made for Users’ Needs

Above all, we ensured UX and Website Design that delivered. We did this by consulting closely with key University staff. Behind this plan was our trusted design model. It looks closely at clients’ brands, user journeys and also their goals. Furthermore, we ensured the Centre’s site worked and looked amazing on tablets and mobiles. That’s because responsive designs are a must – particularly for e-commerce sites. Now the Store would be a genuinely global 24/7 proposition.


Showcasing Quality with Edinburgh-Set Art Direction

At Hookson, we think carefully about site art-direction. A high-quality range deserved a shop window to match. We photographed Edinburgh University students enjoying the city and University grounds. This added life to the product range. It also created an emotional connection for site visitors. Next, large, beautifully designed headers presented items front and centre. This was entirely fitting for the quality of gifts and accessories on offer.


Making it Easy to Buy Edinburgh From Afar

The store’s international audience demanded a reliable and secure way to shop. Our shopping cart delivered this. The cart also adapted to sizing and colour options. In addition, postage was automatically calculated for each buyer’s home country.


Attracting a Crowd with Airtight SEO

Search Engine Optimisation makes sites easy to find. That’s not so easily done. Unless you know how. Hookson is greatly experienced in the latest SEO techniques. We devised a strong strategy for the Centre’s site. Now students, ex-students and visitors would find the store popping up in relevant searches.


Maintaining Software for a Truly 24/7 Experience

Lastly, this job also needed a commitment to maintenance. The Centre had asked Hookson to ensure easy updates. We made sure it was fast and simple to add new content. The site now offered up-to-date stock and the latest product lines.


UX Design
Website Design
Art Direction
X-Cart Integration & Build for E-Commerce
SEO Strategy & Implementation
Software & Maintenance Support