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A New Website for the Edinburgh Science Quarter

Edinburgh BioQuarter

The Perfect Partnership

Edinburgh BioQuarter is a health and science campus backed by four public sector partners: The University of Edinburgh, NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise and The City of Edinburgh Council.

A Hub For Life Sciences and Healthcare

A new website was required to promote a unified campus delivering a “bench-to-bedside” model; where research, healthcare and commercialisation integrate seamlessly.

Support Commercialisation Programme

It was important that the website would act as a business development tool by promoting commercial opportunities as well as driving and capturing leads.

  • Introduce Edinburgh BioQuarter to New Audiences

    The website needs to tell people what Edinburgh BioQuarter is, who is located there and how they can find their way around the campus.

  • Build a Broad Community

    The website structure and content must meet the needs of a range of B2B and B2C audiences including potential tenants and investors.

  • Drive and Capture Commercial Leads

    It is essential that the commercial property pages are optimised to drive leads and capture data.

  • Promote New Brand Positioning

    The website should support the new brand positioning “The Future of Healthcare is Here” through best of breed UX and functionality.

  • Intuitive Back-end for Management

    The WordPress CMS would make it easy for the team to add and update content to ensure the site is kept fresh and dynamic.

Supporting Way-finding Through a Bespoke Animated Map

Our 3D animated map asset assists visitors in finding their way around the campus and understanding what is located there. We created a prototype for the base transitions and interactions before applying this functionality to the styled 3D map. The result is a user-friendly tool that uses slick animation while working across all devices.

Audience-led Information Architecture

Our site structure broke the content into navigation buckets according to audience type. This made it easy for users to identify and reach relevant content quickly.

Growing the Community

Functionality was developed to enable dynamic content to be shared across social media and email. This content includes animated infographics, news, case studies and events posts.

A History of Success

Our content strategy is to tell stories that will bring Edinburgh BioQuarter to life and showcase its achievements. This has been done through a hero film, the creation of company case studies as well as infographics about the history and achievements of the campus.

A Business Development Tool

To capture data and drive leads we ensured the commercial property section of the website was optimised for lead generation. We created an in-page form that is sticky on scroll, use of important CTAs linking to the contact page and added a sticky contact button across the entire the site.

User Research
UX Design
Content & Copywriting
Film & Animation
Lead Generation
WordPress Build

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