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Discover how we Connected Americans with Scotland’s Heritage

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA encourages Americans to help care for the natural and cultural heritage properties protected by the National Trust for Scotland.


Designed to Engage

Our brief was to design and build a new website for the Foundation. Garnering donations and memberships was of course a priority, however the site would have to balance a number of other key tasks. These included conveying the Foundation’s personality and purpose, showcasing the Trust’s magnificent properties and creating excitement about planning a trip to Scotland. With each of these onward journeys commencing online, thoughtful design and UX were front and centre, as was the development of seamless payment integration.

Review Existing Content and Identify Key Opportunities to Shine

Our thorough content review revealed an existing website falling short of potential and  lacking in clear purpose. The Foundation had a great story to tell – a story that could play a huge part in harvesting new memberships, donations and visitors to Scotland.


Harness Powerful Website Design to Showcase Trust Properties and Sell Scotland as a Destination

Securing donations, memberships and visitors to Scotland would depend on the site telling a story and providing irresistible reasons to engage and believe.


Attract New Foundation Members Via Smooth User Flow

With a primary goal of transforming visitors into supporters, the membership process would be key. Presenting an uncluttered path to the correct membership form, alongside assistance to complete it, would be essential.


Ensure a Seamless Payment Gateway to Increase Donations

Presenting a compelling, persuasive case is only half the battle of garnering financial support. The moment of conversion is a delicate one that would require a smooth, trusted and secure payment facility.


Enable a Valuable, High-Quality Database to Emerge

Recognising the value of visitors not quite ready to join up or donate was an important consideration. To capture details of those interested in learning more, a quick and easy sign-up to the Foundation’s newsletter was required.

Telling Stories to Boost User Engagement

It’s tempting to assume that the romance of castles and country estates, misty mountains and striking wildlife sell themselves. But they don’t. We combined compelling natural images with short, engaging articles. These highlighted the Foundation’s role in the Trust’s eclectic activities. These activities included restoring historic monuments and places, funding community projects and preserving Scotland’s natural environment.


Utilising the Site to Present Scotland in Widescreen

Marrying the Trust’s spectacular properties with Scotland’s breathtaking scenery, we transformed the Foundation’s site into a show-stopping panorama. Designed for impact, we employed bold, large-scale images that really packed a punch. These efforts worked particularly well across site sections concerned with trip planning.


Offering Visitors a Clear Path to Every Destination

User Flows – the path a visitor will typically take to complete an action – were of huge importance across this project. We ensured users were met with a clear, logical journey to membership, donations, articles and news.


Securing Payments with an Integrated Solution

Visitors donating or becoming members benefitted from a seamless and straightforward experience. Membership and donation forms were designed for clarity and ease of completion. Finally, ensuring secure onsite transactions, we engaged the PayPal-backed Braintree portal.


Putting the Foundation on the Map with Robust SEO

The remoteness found across Scotland is something visitors to the country treasure and celebrate. A website, however, should always be a beacon that’s instantly locatable. We worked with the Foundation to ensure the strategic, pin-sharp Search Engine Optimisation at the heart of every thriving site.

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Explore how a New Website Benefits Scotland’s Heritage.

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